It all began on an emotional day in the kitchen ...

I have always been one of those people that would save a bit of ribbon or string from something, & find it useful at a later date; I have always been creative & had a passion for unique & personalised items.
It all escalated when I felt I needed something to lose myself in, & without realising I would be spending full days making things & slowly but surely I gained a 'crafts cupboard' as my partner calls it! My stock grew & so did my working tools; it encouraged me to clear out the garage & move my completed items there! We went through a phase where the kitchen sides were no longer used for cooking, but for crafting!
The kitchen is where I work from - day or night. I feel my mind never stops. I am the type of person that once I get an idea, I need to make it, or at least draw it.
I'm a one man band at the moment, but that's how I like it ... apart from my little cat Teddy who loves to interfere & get in the way!
I always told myself 'you can't do it, nobody is interested' but already people have proved me wrong, & I am so grateful for them doing so. I love crafting & making people happy, so selling my goods is the perfect combination for me :) thank you for reading x

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